Friday, January 23, 2009

Red Line Food Hop

The good people over at LAist have created a great reason to hop on the Red Line. Similar to Thrillist's holiday barhop guide, which was created to take advantage of Metro's extended hours, LAist posted a guide to Eating on the Red Line. Of course I was bored and mapped the locations on Google Maps (just like I did for the Red Line Barhop). Places on the list I love are In-N-Out, Philipe's, and El Gran Burrito. Places on the list I need to try ASAP are Molly's and Philadelphia Sandos.

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Caleb said...

You rule Bradley! Thanks. Check --

tannaz said...

what's up now, famouspants?

tspwlv said...

Do you have a map of all the chain restaurants in the suburbs that you can drive to in your minivan? Bonus points for a kids' menu.