Tuesday, September 30, 2008

25 Most Ticketed/Towed Rush Hour Streets in Los Angeles

Last week LAist posted about the 60 worst intersections in Los Angeles and I made a map. Today they posted the 25 most ticketed/towed rush hour streets in Los Angeles. There must be something about Tuesdays because I was again inspired to create another map to scratch my mapping itch.

A couple notes:
- The same stretch of Figueroa is listed twice (for AM and PM). I listed the numbers in the notes but did not include two lines.
- East 7th is broken into two lines because the it goes through the East LA Interchange and the Ramon Garcia Recreation Center.
- Some stretches of streets are really long (like in the Valley) and some are extremely short (like Gayley near UCLA).
- It looks like only 3 of the 60 worst intersections are located on the 25 worst rush hour streets. Maybe because people are going so slowly they are less capable of breaking laws? I would have figured that road rage incidences of knuckle sandwiches to trend higher.

Please let me know if there are any errors.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

60 Worst Intersections in Los Angeles

Today LAist posted about the 60 worst intersections in Los Angeles. While it would be more complete and relevant to citizens if this list also included other areas and cities (like Santa Monica or the South Bay) it is still pretty interesting. I hope to check back periodically to look at the real time traffic statistics. It would also be interesting to see which intersections were busy in an overall sense vs. busy only during rush hour. Last night, for instance, I was driving on Vermont with AKOY and we went through 4 of the 60 intersections driving from Scoops to her car in Ktown around 10pm and traffic wasn't bad (certainly not rush hour) but the town definitely wasn't dead.

But I'm a dork and wanting to view this spatially I created a Google Map:

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