Tuesday, September 23, 2008

60 Worst Intersections in Los Angeles

Today LAist posted about the 60 worst intersections in Los Angeles. While it would be more complete and relevant to citizens if this list also included other areas and cities (like Santa Monica or the South Bay) it is still pretty interesting. I hope to check back periodically to look at the real time traffic statistics. It would also be interesting to see which intersections were busy in an overall sense vs. busy only during rush hour. Last night, for instance, I was driving on Vermont with AKOY and we went through 4 of the 60 intersections driving from Scoops to her car in Ktown around 10pm and traffic wasn't bad (certainly not rush hour) but the town definitely wasn't dead.

But I'm a dork and wanting to view this spatially I created a Google Map:

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for mapping this!

Anonymous said...

Well done sir, or m'am.

I still think that the westernmost one, which I thankfully no longer have to deal with since I no longer work in Chatsworth, could be easily solved by changing the timing of the lights at the entrance to the 118 and at Devonshire and Topanga Canyon.

Traffic is needlessly held up by the existence of a vocal group of assholes in a trailer park whose entrance and exit is on the west/southbound side of Topanga Canyon about 20 feet south of the 118 exits and entrance. These people yell a lot, apparently, because they fuck up the traffic pattern for miles rather than have to wait more than about a minute to enter or exit - the lights are timed to give them plenty of time to exit or enter. I mean *plenty* of time. Mind you, I never once, in three years of working in Chatsworth, actually saw anybody enter or exit that trailer park. And that wasn't just at the beginning or the end of the day. I used to drive around a *lot* for my job, so I saw that entrance and exit not just twice a day, but usually three or four times, at various times of day.

Maybe they all come out at 8 PM, who knows. But not once did I personally see anyone enter or exit that trailer park. Literally. Not ONCE.

tannaz said...

just saying