Friday, January 16, 2009

Public transit now on Google Maps

It's been a while since I put anything up here - combination of a busy holidays, finishing a class, and lack of interesting content. But fear not because the good people at Google Maps have come up with a sweet new feature: transit routes. Now you can see the location of rails and subways for a few select cities. Alas Los Angeles is not supported (hello MTA - get your data to Google already) but our neighbor to the north, San Francisco, is represented.

Initially I saw this on the daily links at the Los Angeles Transportation Blog which linked to story at The Transport Politic Blog which linked to a story at the Google Maps/Google Earth team's blog. Phew. I'm glad it made it to my little corner of the world. Go internet.


Annie said...

Theoretically, this should be like my MTA weekend subway service wetdream. Wish those MTA losers would actually update their realtime data, like they promised me last year. And then everything would be right with the world. Or at least the N/W/R/V trains.

BradleyB said...

It could be a lot worse.