Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Shrimp Nachos? Whoa.....

I was perusing the internets today and was pointed to a recipe for shrimp nachos. The picture looks really freaking good. And I can attest to the skills of the cook, who also has mean recipe for Asian BBQ sauce.

My only potential consternation is the mixing of the cheese and shellfish. It's not usually done but I'm not really sure why. Maybe it's because I'm like Garth and fear change. But I do know that I love cheese and I love shrimp so maybe this change will be delicious. Plus the fried wantons sound amazing. Back Home in Lahaina in Manhattan Beach has Hawaiian nachos that substitute friend wantons for tortilla chips. They are unbelievably light and crispy and hold a surprising amount of toppings.

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tannaz said...

ok 2 items:
- typically, in italian cuisine, you don't eat cheese with seafood. maybe your distaste for shrimp+cheese is your inner italian.
- when i was in mexico with jana and juan, we went to this place with juan's cousins one night where they took a bunch of shrimp, placed it on a griddle in a patty shape, sprinkled cheese on top, cooked. the cheese would hold it together, you ate it on a bun. we called it... shrimpburguesa. it was GOOD.