Wednesday, October 21, 2009

LA Delis

An Email I sent to my friends today (slightly edited for the internets). Yes I know it's International Day of the Nacho. Also, I looked to see if was taken. It is. By some guy promoting an album called Sexy Robotica. Yum.

I was reading the LA Times today and ran across this story.

Which got me thirsty for some pastrami. Which got me to thinking about club sandwich and the fact that it's been awhile. So I was just curious if anyone felt like doing a club sandwich outing this weekend or next? It doesn't necessarily have to be at any of the places listed in the article. But here they are:

Nate 'n Al in Beverly Hills
Factor's in Pico-Robertson
Junior's in West L.A.
Greenblatt's on the Sunset Strip
Art's in Studio City
Canter's in the Fairfax district
The various Hat locations
Langer's near MacArthur Park
Brent's in Northridge and Westlake Village

I've never been to Nate 'n Al, Factor's, Greenblatt's, or Art's. But I love everyplace and would be down to go anywhere. Except Jerry's. That place sucks.

Alas I only mapped one Hat and one Brent's location:

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