Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nacho Pizza? Yes Please...

From MSN came an article with different pizza and beer pairings. Being a sucker for both beer and pizza (I might have had it for lunch and dinner yesterday) AND the combination fo the two, I obviously had to click on the link. And it doesn't even have to be good pizza (or good beer for that matter). Yesterday I had pizza from the cafeteria at work for lunch and a slice from Costco for dinner. And both definitely satisfied the craving.

Back to the issue at hand: the MSN article had pizza and beer pairings. That's all well and good but the article went one step further and the 3rd pizza featured was a Black Bean Nacho Pizza. The beer reccomendation was an India Pale Ale (Red Hook perhaps?) to match the spiciness or a brown ale (like Newcastle?) to bring out the sweetness. I'm sure those go great but I'm also sure that Bud Light would also help bring out some other flavors (like the watery-ness of the pizza maybe?). Maybe I need to go to Costco again today.

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