Wednesday, July 2, 2008

He's Not Really Semi-Back!

More stuff's been going on:

1) I'm taking a class at work
2) I'm taking a class at USC
3) Went to Vegas for a bachelor party
4) Went to Cambria for a cousin's graduation from Cal Poly
5) Went to Vegas again for another bachelor party
6) Went to the Kern River for camping/rafting

Basically I'm in the midst of another Best Summer Ever (sorry TSP). And, unfortunately, the BSE does not include blogging, at least in the near future. Because on Friday morning I leave for Europe for 2 weeks. Specifically London, then to Italy (Florence for a couple days and then a week in a villa outside of Montepulciano). It's a murderer's row of family: my sister, mom, a first cousin and husband, two aunts, one uncle, and two of my mom's cousins plus one wife and kid. 12 in all. Staying in one villa. For a week. Should be super duper fun but at the same time totally infuriating. At least we get gelato.

But that's not all. Because once I get back there's this huge review at work that I have to prepare a bunch of charts for. Then after that I start a volleyball class. And continue basketball. And two weddings that bookend August. Maybe there will be some relief in September but don't count on it.


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