Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My First Rant

I consider myself a reasonably savvy person and semi-knowledgable in the ways of computers. But getting websites set-up to do stuff is still proving to be quite a bit more time-consuming than I thought. My idea (I'm going to be intentionally vague - kind of like The Spanish Prisoner and "The Process") shouldn't be that hard - A user goes to my homepage, puts in some data into a couple of boxes, the server then gets some data from a database, performs some computations, uses the results and creates a mash-up using another website. Easier said than done.

So far I've registered a domain at Go-Daddy and done some basic front-page type stuff. But learning PHP, which is how I'll likely do the downloading, parsing, calculating, and blah blah blah, has so far been just out of my reach. Then there’s idea #2 which is probably going to require me to use Wordpress for blogging stuff so I’ll have to figure out how that works. I guess I should be glad that right now I’m not looking at setting up my own MySQL database or maintaining a web server and installing Apache and PHP and any other ‘real’ web stuff that is required. It is more than a little surprising I even know that much.

Anyway, someday this site will actually have interesting information about nachos and where to get the best nachos in Los Angeles. I even heard that the nachos at the Underground in Hermosa Beach were good but I remain a little dubious as the report was from my roommate who’s nacho palate is not nearly as discerning as mine.

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